Eli & Elm Whitney Collection- 400 TC PCM Cotton Sheet Set


Made from 400 thread count long-staple cotton and unique phase change material, the Eli & Elm cotton collection is the most advanced bed sheet on the market. Natural cellulosic fibers and paraffin plant oil from advanced phase change technology creates a thermo-regulating feature that automatically adjusts to the temperature surrounding it. The Eli & Elm cotton collection absorbs and stores excess body heat to keep you warm, then disperses it when temperatures drop. This climate control cycle repeats throughout the night. Due to its natural cellulosic fibers, an optimal body climate is also reached through additional moisture absorbing properties.

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  • Phase Change Technology Temperature Regulating PCM
    Originally developed for N.A.S.A to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations, our unique PCM technology acts as a perfect climate control agent.
  • Long-staple cottonLong-staple cotton
    The Eli and Elm cotton set is made from single-ply, long-staple fibers, creating a strong, soft and smooth finish.
  • Moisture absorbingMoisture absorbing
    Unlike most cotton sheets, the Eli and Elm cotton sheets use of cellulosic fibers create an optimal body climate due to the fibers excellent moisture absorbing properties.
  • 400 Thread Count400 Thead Count
    Our Whitney collection is constructed with the highest quality 400 thread count cotton fibers, creating the worlds softest sheets ever!

Additional Information

Additional Information


Queen -1 flat sheet 90×102″ + 1 fitted sheet 60 x 80 + 15″ + 2 pillowcases 20 x 30″
King -1 flat sheet 108×102″+ 1 fitted sheet 76 x 80 + 15″+ 2 pillowcases 20 x 40″
Cal King -1 flat sheet 108×102″ + 1 fitted sheet 72 x 84 + 15″ + 2 pillowcases 20 x 40″


70% Cotton, 20% Lyocell, 10% Paraffin

Phase Change Material:

Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with high heat fusion that is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. An Ice cube is an example of a natural PCM agent. When ice comes in contact with a heat agent, it absorbs energy and melts. When the newly formed water interacts with a colder environment, it releases all its stored energy until it reaches 32 degrees and freezes. Unlike ices melting/freezing temperature of 32 degrees, our Sheet is set just above room temperature. When temperatures fluctuate around the bed sheets, they always stay around room temperature. This means no one sleeps too cold or too hot.



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