About Eli and Elm

In 1793, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and changed the world forever by revolutionizing the way cotton fabrics and linens were manufactured. The American inventor’s success and ties to New Haven Connecticut, commonly referred to as “Elm City”, sparked the interest of three men also from New Haven. They had a revolutionary idea to disrupt the linen industry and as a result Eli & Elm was born. Of course the name pays homage to the father of cotton and the city where it all began.

Until now, there have been no significant innovations within the textile industry. For the first time since the invention of the cotton gin, Eli & Elm has developed a solution to solve low quality bedding that plagues the nation. Eli & Elm bedding consists of- high thread count, long-staple fibers that ensure maximum comfort, durability, and luxury. Eli & Elm’s Cotton Collection is constructed with advanced phase change material to create a climate that keeps you warm while you are cool, and cool while you are warm. Eli & Elm’s Bamboo Collection was developed for the growing demand for long lasting Eco-friendly sheets.

We’ve partnered with leading researchers and engineers to create bed sheets that guarantee you will fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed. Eli and Elm’s product line is made with one goal in mind: To help our customers achieve their best night’s rest.