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Eli & Elm vs Pillow Cube

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What Makes Eli & Elm
Pillows Different?

Eli & Elm Pillows stand out as the epitome of quality and innovation in the realm of pillows. With a relentless focus on your ultimate comfort, our pillows surpass all others with their exceptional support and luxurious features. Every aspect, from pillow shape to loft and materials, is carefully considered to deliver the perfect blend of support and comfort for a truly restful sleep experience.

With innovative design, premium materials, and customizable options, Eli & Elm Pillows provide the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your sleep to a new level with Eli & Elm Pillows. Rest assured, you won't find anything quite like it elsewhere.

What Makes Eli & Elm <br/><strong>Pillows Different?</strong>

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Eli & Elm pillows are specially designed to cater to the unique needs of side sleepers, ensuring proper alignment and support.


Eli & Elm lets you customize your side sleeper pillow with adjustable height and support using removable latex and polyester filling for personalized comfort.


Eli & Elm pillows are thoughtfully designed to provide exceptional pain relief, offering optimal support and alignment for a comfortable and restorative sleep.


Enjoy ultimate comfort and support featuring a smooth cotton cover, an easy-to-clean interior liner, and a blend of latex noodle and polyester fiber filling.


Our pillows are sustainably crafted with eco-friendly materials, free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

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Eli & Elm Pillows stand out as a superior
choice compared to the Pillow Cube.
Cooling Score
Shredded Latex Noodles
5 Years
Frozen Fibers
5 Years

Eli & Elm pillows and Pillow Cube pillows offer distinct features, but Eli & Elm emerges as the superior choice. Both brands prioritize comfort and support, but Eli & Elm takes it a step further with their innovative side-sleeper design, providing optimal neck and spine alignment. While Pillow Cube offers a unique cube shape for versatility, Eli & Elm pillows excel with their customizability, allowing you to adjust the firmness level to your preference.

Pillow DesignSpecifically designed for side sleepersDesigned for various sleep positions
Shape and ContouringContours to the head, neck, and shouldersOffers some contouring, but is less pronounced
Support and AlignmentPromotes proper spinal alignmentProvides support, but may vary in alignment
Loft and FirmnessOffers options for ideal loft and firmnessLimited options for loft and firmness
Cooling FeaturesIncorporates cooling technologiesMay have cooling properties, but less focus
Material QualityUses premium materials for comfort and durabilityKnown for high-quality materials
Allergen-friendlyHypoallergenic materials for allergy sufferersMay not have specific allergen features
Customer SatisfactionHighly rated by customers for comfort and qualityKnown for customer satisfaction
PriceCompetitive pricing for the value providedTends to be relatively higher in price