It’s quite innocent to get confused when terms like Duvet, Weighted Comforter, and Weighted Blanket are put in one basket. Although we are aware of what a Duvet is, still it gets tricky when we have to pin the points of difference between a weighted comforter vs. weighted blanket. They do seem very similar and they are, but we are going to shine the light on the differences they hold with their different names.

You want a good night’s sleep, so it’s important that you know which one to get between weighted blankets vs comforters. If you’re too cold or too hot you might face a restless night along with a lowered performance the next day. So, instead of guessing which is the best to choose between comforter vs blanket vs quilt for your bedspread, here is a guide that will explain to all about what is a comforter vs blanket along with more on the duvet.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you toss and turn on your bed impatiently all night? Then a weighted blanket might change your life! This comfy cozy bedspread offers an even and gentle distribution of pressure on to your body that will let you fall asleep sooner than usual while also offering a sound sleep with less tossing and turning. Some people are also prone to night terrors, anxiety in dark setups, or sleep walking and they have reported that using a weighted blanket at night felt like a gentle reassuring hug which greatly helped them fall asleep easily. Most of these heavy blankets come with an option of weight insert and a protective cover to slip over on the top of such blankets. Inside these weighted inserts will be a filler material which is usually micro glass beads or plastic poly pellets.

What is a Weighted Comforter?

What is a Weighted Comforter?

Do you often find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night and put your mind off a lot of things? A weighted comforter might be your friend in need. A comforter is thicker and fluffier when it comes to the structure. These are stylish too. If you are someone who likes to keep the ambience in their room intact then a weighted comforter might be the one for you. They come in various designs and patterns for every season and every personal preference so you can use them as a top covering of your bed too. Just like a weighted blanket, comforters tend to consist of an outer layer called the shell sewn together with a gridded stitch pattern to keep all of the filler material inside the bedcover.


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Unlike any weighted fleece blanket a weighted comforter is very fluffy and airy and gives you a smooth feeling to sleep like a baby! The comforters use inner materials such as cotton, wool, or down alternatives. The comforter set hence provides warmth and a cloud-like appearance.

How is a Weighted Comforter Different from a Weighted Blanket?

Well, before you rush off to the store to get one of these cozy sleeping partners for ourselves, let’s pause for a bit and learn the differences between them. It might help us make a better choice. You do want to sleep peacefully and comfortably right?


When we are talking about weighted things, let’s just begin with how these differ in weight. Weighted blankets usually come with eco-friendly high density glass beads as opposed to the fluffed up weighted comforters. Weighted blankets have the perfect to give your body just the right amount of pressure it needs to fall asleep faster. Whereas the material and weight of a comforter insulates heat which keeps you warm and comfy on cold nights.

Fluffy or Flat

Now, when it comes to sleeping in a comfy and cozy setup, you just can’t resist the temptation. So for cold nights, when the air is shrill and you just want to snuggle into your bed being all warm and comfortable, a weighted comforter becomes a better choice than a weighted blanket. Due to its fluffy and mushy filling a weighted comforter is thicker than a blanket which makes it perfect to insulate heat during cold nights and maintain a good body temperature when you sleep. Weighted blankets are lighter and flat, excellent tools for comfort and also aid night-time sleep. They work by causing your body to release “endorphins”, your body’s feel-good hormones, and serotonin, which is converted to melatonin in the presence of darkness – a body chemical that helps you to fall asleep.

Big Bucks

Comforters of high quality are available at a wide range of prices. This means that these products can be reliably purchased by buyers with different budget sizes. Also, there are excellent DIY guides that could instruct you on constructing your own comforters and duvets. Also, weighted blankets can be more expensive and it’s not always a good idea to try to make them on your own. So, the decision ultimately comes down to how big of a hole are you willing to burn in your wallet.

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Can You Clean It

The major cons of both blankets and comforters have to do with the ease of care of the product. They are not easy to wash in a home washing machine and sometimes have to be taken to laundromats or dry cleaners with the necessary bigger equipment. Unless you get a duvet with their duvet covers, that might make things easier for you. With the duvet covers your duvet is already protected, all you need to do is clean the duvet cover, which is pretty convenient.

What is a Weighted Comforter?

Get a Weighted Blanket If…

  • You keep tossing and turning on the bed with night terrors or relentless anxieties. Weighted blankets with their weight offer a gentle hug-like pressure on your body which keeps you calm and helps you turn your brain off. You will fall asleep in no time!
  • You are into creating a chic look of your bedroom, much more layered and classy. Since blankets are thin they pair stylishly well with thicker bed items such as fluffy pillows and comforters!
  • You sleep hot. Some people are prone to retaining heat or even perspire while sleeping. If you are one of them then get yourself one cooling weighted blanket that will keep you calm and comfortable throughout the night.

Rush for A Comforter If…

  • You have a cold sleep. Now is the time to get weighted blankets! Due to their large, fluffy stuffing, weighted comforters keep you warm on chilly evenings because they are excellent heat insulators by nature.
  • You like a soft bed to sleep in. Because comforters are so thick and fluffy, they are ideal if you like a comfortable, cozy sleep environment. Nothing less than sleeping on a cloud would do.
  • Fashion is your obsession. There are many different patterns, styles, and hues of weighted comforters. Weighted comforters will therefore provide you more possibilities to choose from than a blanket if you like a trendy bedding design.


Weighted Blanket Report: Weighted Blankets vs. Comforters & Duvets