We have often talked about how essential pillows can be for a good night’s sleep and also so important for our nightly sleeping postures. But there is no such thing as ‘just one thing’, there are several other factors that affect the quality of your sleep, one of which is a Weighted Comforter. The term and meaning can be quite confusing to some people as we have heard of multiple terms related to such species of bedding products like Duvets and Weighted Blankets. But we have talked about those too. We are here to discuss everything important there is to know about comforters today!

What is a Weighted Comforter?

Do you often find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night and put your mind off a lot of things? A weighted comforter might be your friend in need. A comforter is thicker and fluffier when it comes to the structure. These are stylish too. If you are someone who likes to keep the ambience in their room intact then a weighted comforter might be the one for you. They come in various designs and patterns for every season and every personal preference so you can use them as a top covering of your bed too. Just like a weighted blanket, comforters tend to consist of an outer layer called the shell sewn together with a gridded stitch pattern to keep all of the filler material inside the bedcover.

Unlike any weighted fleece blanket a weighted comforter is very fluffy and airy and gives you a smooth feeling to sleep like a baby! The comforters use inner materials such as cotton, wool, or down alternatives. The comforter set hence provides warmth and a cloud-like appearance.

How to Use a Weighted Comforter?

A weighted comforter is nothing from outer space! It is as easy as any other bedding item you’ve come across. It can be used just as you use a blanket. How you sleep with a weighted comforter is actually a call of your own preferences. After all, your comfort matters! But the least we can do is share some ideas that might you help get the gist to begin in case you are absolutely new to the concept:

Test It Before You Buy It

Well for one thing, there is no right or wrong time to use your weighted comforter, but if you are actually thinking of putting it to the test, we suggest doing it during your night sleep. Try to use it according to your sleep routines as much as possible, for best results. Access how calming and comfortable it is for you and then make a decision based on its merits.

You Can Try Replacing Your Blanket or Use Both

A weighted comforter is kind of an all-rounder. It can even replace your regular blanket or duvet you use. If you are someone who doesn’t want too much on their bed and prefers just one item for a purpose, then weighted comforters are the way to go! But as we always say it’s all about your own and preference at last. So if you want to use both you can place the weighted on the top or below the weighted comforter.

Make Sure to Cover Your Whole Body

If you wish to experience the best extent of the comfort offered by a weighted comforter then we suggest spreading it over your entire body, from your neck down to your feet. If you are new to this then you might try taking a blanket covering your legs with that and keep the weighted comforter just over your torso. It might take some time to get used to the comforter if you are a regular blanket user. But here is a tip! If you are a back sleeper then it’d be easy for you to cover your whole self with the comforter. This practice is nothing but a way to test this product in no is it necessary.

Let Your Body Get Used to It

Well, using anything for the first time might feel weird. So, you should keep using it regularly to test its long term benefits. A day or two might not cut it for you. Don’t give up on it so easily, it might be slow to catch up on, but once it happens it is pure bliss!

Keep Seeing the Improvement

While you are on this experiment track, keep it going! Just don’t forget to track its progress with time. Is it worth your money? Does it have any improvements on the quality of your sleep at night? Do you find it too heavy? Or does it help keep you comfy and cozy? Keep all of this in your mind before you put your final bid on it.

How to Pick The Best Weighted Comforter for All Your Sleeping Needs?

Now that we have laid out all the possible ways to test out a comforter, it’d be much easier for you to decide whether or not you want to get one for yourself. Let’s help you choose the perfect one:


This might be the most important thing to consider while buying a comforter. Weighted comforters, by their very nature, are heavier than compared to any blanket or duvet. They are fluffy and mushy to spread an even and gentle pressure on your body to help you sleep much faster and better by giving a hug-like feeling at night. People who suffer from night terrors, fear of the dark, or anxieties have seen the best results of a weighted comforter, especially when they sleep alone. But on the other hand, if you buy a comforter much heavier than your body can handle, then it might have adverse effects on the quality of your sleep. So, it is very important to choose a comforter which is close to 10% of your body weight. A comforter weighing 10 to 20 pounds is enough for adults.


Bamboo is a sustainable material that is known for its softness, durability, and breathability. It is also hypoallergenic and has natural moisture-wicking properties, making it a great choice for those who tend to get sweaty while sleeping. However, bamboo may not be as warm as other materials and may not be suitable for colder temperatures.


Another major factor you just can’t ignore. 80% of your sleep quality depends on how comfortable your sleep set up is, and by that we mean the fabric you are sleeping on. Whether it is a comforter, a pillow, or even a mattress, quality of the fabric matters the most in telling the difference between getting a sound sleep and a night full of tossing & turning. So, before you rush off to the billing counter, make sure the comforter you have picked is breathable and cooling for your needs. If you are allergic to certain fabrics then you might want to get something with hypoallergenic properties.

Construction and Built

As important as the weight of the comforter is, the size, shape, and construction of its material also matters. A good weighted comforter should be evenly distributed and easy to use. Some comforters are quite affordable but might not be as comfy or breathable as you might expect. That’s why we at Eli & Elm have put the best minds to work in creating the most comfortable and cozy weighted comforter for you.

Does It Take Long to Get Used to a Weighted Comforter?

This is entirely down to the person, with most people loving them from the moment they are unwrapped. If you find it a bit strange at first, there is no need to worry. That is perfectly normal too. You will be used to traditional blankets, and this change can take some getting used to.

The best way to adjust to a weighted comforter is by easing yourself into using it. Try sitting on the couch with it over your legs for a while. You will notice that you soon become accustomed to the deep pressure stimulation applied to your body. If you are planning on sleeping with a weighted comforter, you will be able to ease yourself in a similar way. Start by covering your legs. You can even keep your feet out. Over time you will be able to put it over your entire body.

Before long, you will be able to fall asleep using your weighted blanket, thanks to the relaxing, calming effect and security it offers the user. Enjoying a good night's sleep by using a weighted blanket will help you create a regular sleep-wake cycle with other positive benefits.


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