Haven’t you always wanted to just snuggle inside a soft and mushy bedding all curled up with a good book, or maybe just have that blissful good night’s sleep? Well, who doesn’t? Weighted comforters are one of the many ways to do that. A weighted comforter gives you that hug-like feel at night that might actually help you a lot with your sleeping issues. The benefits of a weighted comforter are lesser known to us but can be quite life altering. Let’s discuss some of these further and tell you who all can benefit from using a weighted comforter!

What is A Weighted Comforter?

A comforter is a thick, fluffy and decorative type of bedding used as the top covering on your bed. Like a weighted blanket insert, a comforter generally consists of an outer layer sewn together in a gridded stitch pattern to help keep the filler material in place. But while weighted blankets typically contain glass beads or plastic pellets, comforters are almost always filled with fluffy, airy materials — like cotton, wool, goose-down or down alternative — that provide warmth and give the blanket a cloud-like appearance.


Is a Weighted Comforter Good?

Weighted comforters have turn out to be noticeably well-known a couple years in the past thanks to the Gravity Blanket on Kickstarter, and users swear by its calming results. That's why weighted comforters have been utilized by therapists for a protracted way longer than most understand. Great for children as well as adults with sensory processing issues, weighted comforters work via the usage of deep contact pressure, which therapists name a form of tactile sensation. But its benefits are not just limited to special people, weighted comforters are good for everyone— right here's how.

A Calming and Relaxing Sense

Weighted comforters, by their very nature, are comfy and very calming. They provide a sense of security by providing a gentle hug-like pressure on you while you sleep. Deep contact pressure is one of the primary kinds of sensory information that is calming and organizing to our sensory nervous system. The pressure of weighted blankets and deep touch stress in general is a quite universally calming sensation.

Gives a Big Hug

Ever needed a hug to calm down? We all need that calming sense of comfort when we are down and don’t feel up to anything. Weighted comforters are somewhat similar, they are filled with several kinds of materials such as micro glass beads, sand, steel beads, pebbles, and grains, that spreads a gentle pressure on your body which feels like a calming hug. The fluffy and mushy fabric of these comforters calm your nerves, make you feel safe, and lets you sleep like a baby!

Cues Calmness and Strips Away Stress

We don’t even realize we overthink the littlest things all the time and sleep may not come easy. Weighted comforters are so calming and comfortable. It feels like you're in a cocoon of your very own, all carefree and relaxed. Some people have anxiety which makes it clearly tough for them to nod off. Night terrors and fear of the dark are also a few signs that are not unusual under anxiety. Cuddling with a weighted comforter can help you loosen up and de-strain.

Sleep Like a Baby

Do you kick while you sleep? Maybe you do and you don’t know. Your partner must have been taking them hit all night. You might be going through RLS - Restless Leg Syndrome. The weight of a comforter by applying a gentle pressure on your body keeps from tossing and kicking all night and who knows you might even wake up to the same position you dozed off in.


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A Happy Mind

What one is going through you may never know. People who suffer through mental issues can be up all night. No matter how hard they try something just doesn’t let them sleep. Insomnia is no joke. Imagine not being able to sleep, even when you want so much. It can be horrifying! Weighted comforter cuts through this psychological barrier and calms people who suffer through depressive disorder, bipolar, generalized anxiety, and ADHD.


Before You Buy One…..

Weighted comforters, by their very nature, are heavier than compared to any blanket or duvet. They are fluffy and mushy to spread an even and gentle pressure on your body to help you sleep much faster and better by giving a hug-like feeling at night. People who suffer from night terrors, fear of the dark, or anxieties have seen the best results of a weighted comforter, especially when they sleep alone. But on the other hand, if you buy a comforter much heavier than your body can handle, then it might have adverse effects on the quality of your sleep. So, it is very important to choose a comforter which is close to 10% of your body weight. A comforter weighing 10 to 20 pounds is enough for adults.

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