You must have at least once wished for the softest most comfortable bedding setup for sleeping. Yes , we all have. Sleeping on a soft bed with a mushy pillow all snuggled up in a nice comforter. That is the life! Comfortability is a priority, no doubt about it. But a good sleep setup is much more than that. It really impacts the quality of your sleep and your overall health.

Cotton pillows are the most common yet the most famous member of the bedding family. There are many talks surrounding this subject. They are the kind of pillows everyone prefers. But are they really that good? If yes, then how? Well, we will be answering these questions in our in-depth review of cotton pillows. Let’s know the nitty-gritty of this infamous pillow!

What is a 100% Cotton Pillow?

If you talk about one of the most comfortable furnishings for your bedroom, it’s safe to say that cotton items kind of dominate the race here. It’s true! The obvious reasons being its long lasting nature, absolute comfort, plush softness, cooling properties, and ease of care. This is why most of us are obsessed with this comfortable pillow. Who doesn’t want all the great qualities of a pillow combined in one. Value for money isn’t it? If you are new to this item then you should try it at least once, a restful night is pretty much guaranteed.

If you're in the market for a new pillow, it's important to consider what type of cotton is best. For a best pillow that offers superior breathability and a cooling effect, 100% cotton is the way to go. There are a plethora of mixed and fusion materials on the market with strong purchase appeal. However, it is most advantageous to stick with pure cotton fabrics. Specifically, 100% cotton bed pillows offer a cotton cover housing a pure cotton filling, ensuring the highest quality.

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How is a Cotton Pillow Good For You?


Believe it or not organic cotton pillows for people suffering with allergies, is total bliss! They are naturally hypoallergenic in nature which makes them just perfect for people who are sensitive to certain fabrics and are prone to different allergies. The absence of harmful strong chemicals and synthetic fibers in cotton pillows is what works best against allergies, they are environmentally healthy and have no side effects whatsoever.

Breathable and Cooling

We mentioned this previously, that cotton pillows, by their very nature, are breathable. The natural fibers of a cotton pillow lets the air to flow around freely, which reduces heat retention around you, letting you sleep for long restful hours. Don't you just love that feeling of cool comfort while you sleep, especially if you tend to get hot and perspire? That’s exactly what this pillow has to offer!

Soft and Comfortable

Now to the point of real action! One of the main factors contributing to the rise in popularity of cotton pillows is their luxurious and soft texture. Cotton pillows feel extremely soft on skin, they cradle your neck so gently, that forget about uncomfortability it won’t even let you toss around. While your head and neck is supported properly the pressure on your spine is reduced letting you sleep and wake up pain free. So it’s quite effective for people with back and neck pain.

Easy to Care

We all know that the easier something is to care for, the more convenient it is. No one likes to hustle. Cotton pillows are very handy and super easy to clean. Cotton is light in nature hence it is quite compatible with a washing machine. Unlike some synthetic fabrics it doesn’t get ruined when slipped in a washing machine. These pillows dry down quickly because of the light fabric. Besides being necessary, periodic cleaning has a decreased frequency compared to other options. This indicates its advantage over other alternatives.


You must have faced this at least once in your life. You buy a new pillow and after a few days it starts to collect that pungent and nauseous smell. Everytime you lay your head you feel it. It even affects your bedsheet. With such pillows you need to wash them more than often if you want to keep hygienic and sleep with a good smelling pillow. Cotton pillows due to the natural fabric do not exhibit any toxic chemical odor and therefore keep fresh for a long time.


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