Finding yourself the perfect pillow is like finding a needle in a haystack. Once you experience a comfortable night’s sleep, you know you have got yourself the perfect pillow. However, choosing the right pillow can be a bit tough because there are so many options nowadays.

So what is it that makes a pillow worth a comfortable sleep? It is nothing but the filling inside it.

Pillow filling is the material that is put inside a pillowcase. You can also refer to it as the heart and soul of a pillow. These filling materials play an important role in deciding the fabric that needs to be used for the pillowcase.

Generally, pillowcases are made of cotton or a mix of cotton-polyester, in such cases, the filling affects the weaving structure of the the fabric. For instance, the material inside decides how soft or firm the pillow is.

But the filling needs to be super comfortable to match your sleeping needs. It shouldn't be too soft or too firm.

A Good Pillow Filling Equals to Quality Sleep: But Why?

  • It makes sure that your head and neck get the support they require while sleeping in your preferred position.
  • Good quality filling releases pressure points and reduces morning pains.
  • High-quality filling materials maintain the shape of the pillow and offer long-lasting results.
  • Hypoallergenic fillings resist allergens and dust particles and are best suitable for people with allergic sensitivities.
  • Different fillings cater to various sleep styles, allowing for personalized comfort.
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Pillow Filling Along With Their Pros & Cons

Picking the right pillow filling is the first and the most important step for better sleep. These top 10 different types of pillow fillings will help you pick the perfect one for a comfortable night's sleep.

Down Pillow

Down pillows are made of feathers of ducks, geese, or swans. Sometimes, the sellers also mix in these fluffy feathers, so it is always advisable to check the ratio when buying one.

Because they come from animals, ensure they're certified by the Responsible Down Standard and sourced ethically. This certification ensures that the birds are not put through any cruelty.

Down pillows are generally soft and offer a luxurious sleeping experience to all types of sleepers. The following are the different kinds you can choose from:

  • Goose down
  • Duck down
  • All down
  • Mixed down
  • Synthetic down

Goose vs. Duck Down

Normally, down pillows are filled with either goose or duck feathers known as the goose or duck down. Both the materials are extremely comfortable, fluffy, and have excellent thermal retention quality. However, it may require time to time re-fluffing.

Additionally, Goose-down pillows are more expensive than duck-down pillows.

Down Alternative Pillow (Synthetic Down)

Down alternative pillows are a synthetic version of traditional down pillows. They normally use polyester fabrics to replicate the down feel, making them more pocket-friendly. If you want a soft down-like experience but within budget, a synthetic down pillow is a great choice.

Remember because of its synthetic fabric these pillows might cause allergies to some, especially those who are prone to it.

Pros Cons
Provide required support to your head and neck Traps body heat
Durable, Long-lasting Allergic
Lightweight Needs regular fluffing
Soft yet firm Cleaning can be challenging
Offers insulation Sometimes non-ethically sourced

2. Feather Pillow

Feather pillows are one of the classic and most popular fillings that offer support while maintaining the shape of the pillows. If you seek comfort along with some support then feather pillows are the best option for you.

Pros Cons
Pocket-friendly Traps body heat
Moldable Requires regular fluffing
Lightweight Cleaning can be challenging

3. Cotton Pillows

The popularity of Cotton pillows might have decreased over time, but these pillows work best for sleepers allergic to synthetic materials. Moreover, the simple cleaning techniques make it a widely popular choice.

4. Wool Pillow

Wool is one of the most popular and classic choices among pillow fillings due to its breathable and excellent insulation properties for both summer and winter.

Pros Cons
Serve as a great insulator Forms lumps
Eco-friendly Doesn't hold the shape

5. Polyester Pillow

These pillows are one of the most budget-friendly options available in the market. However, the low-cost material used in it tends to absorb heat and develop lumps quickly.

Pros Cons
Affordable Non-Breathable
Hypoallergenic Forms Lump
Lightweight Non Durable

6. Latex Pillow

Latex pillow fillings are an excellent option when suffering from neck pain. It also provides support to your head and shoulder along with a soft and comfortable experience to the sleepers. These pillows are available in both solid and shredded forms.

Pros Cons
Durable Allergic
Breathable Expensive

7. Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows go well with almost all sleeping positions. It helps the foam to take the shape of your head and neck providing comfort and support.

Pros Cons
Reliefs pain Retains body heat
No Clumping Less breathable

8. Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat seeds or shells that provide support and enhance breathability. However, the sound from the buckwheat shells might bother some while shifting during sleep.

Pros Cons
Breathable Heavy
Malleable Too firm for some
Durable and Long-lasting Makes noise while trying to move around

9. Microbead Pillow

Microbead pillows almost have a similar texture to that of a buckwheat pillow, but they are made from a synthetic material known as uniform polymer particles. However, these pillows lose their shape more quickly than buckwheat pillows.

Pros Cons
Breathable Non Durable
Malleable Retains Heat
Supportive and Firm Loses shape quickly

10. Bamboo Pillow

Bamboo pillows have become a favorite of many individuals, likely because of their antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing features. Typically, these pillows consist of a shredded foam filling inside a bamboo viscose shell.

Pros Cons
Antimicrobial properties Challenging to clean
Hypoallergenic Heavyweight
pillow Fillers

Choosing the Right Pillow with Eli & Elm

The filling inside makes the best pillow and can widely affect its shape and durability. What feels comfortable for one person might not be a great choice for someone else. So, before you pick a pillow, think about how you like to sleep.


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Remember to consider the pros and cons to help you decide on the best pillow filling for you. If your current pillow isn't working the same way for you, you can visit Eli & Elm anytime to find a new one that feels just right for your sleep requirements!


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