We all have seen those fluffy, comfortable, and uniquely shaped pillows designed to provide support to expecting moms during pregnancy. But the question is—are pregnancy body pillows only made for pregnant women?

The answer is “NO.” Even if having a baby isn't in your plans, these super comfortable and supportive pillows can still become your new bedtime best friend. Let’s see how.

What is a Pregnancy Body Pillow?

Before you directly learn about the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow when not pregnant, you need to know exactly what it is.

Well, these pillows are designed to help support the changing body of pregnant women. It's longer in size than your regular pillow and comes in extra handy to make sleep easier and cozier for to-be-moms during this special yet challenging time.


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Benefits Of Using A Pregnancy Pillow When Not Pregnant

1. Versatility

It is usually believed by people that pregnancy pillows can only be used by pregnant women. However, the shape & supportive features of these pillows make them a great choice for all people looking for a good and comfortable night sleep.

2. Supportive

One of the best things about a pregnancy body pillow is its supporting features. Along with every sleeping posture, it also supports different parts of your body by maintaining a proper line between your head, body, and hip. It also helps in managing and reducing pain and discomfort that generally occurs due to wrong sleeping postures.

3. Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

The design, structure, and cushioning of the pillow help relieve different pressure points, allowing your neck and shoulders to relax throughout your sleeping period. Pregnancy body pillows are also known as the best pillows for people dealing with neck and shoulder pain.

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4. Works Great for Nursing Mothers

It is a myth that a pregnancy body pillow is just meant for bedtime use while you are pregnant. They work great for mothers who have started breastfeeding. The shape of these pillows provides extra support to both the mother and the baby during nursing.

5. Reduced Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Dealing with snoring and sleep apnea not only affect your sleep quality but also that of your partner. Among the vast variety of pregnancy pillows, those designed to support the upper body can help reduce snoring and also eliminate symptoms of mild sleep apnea, by promoting better airflow. These pillows contribute entirely to having the best night’s sleep.

6. Best for Side Sleeping

Medical experts say that sleeping on your side is one of the healthiest sleeping positions for reasons like improved digestion and reduced snoring. However, it is sometimes difficult for some to maintain the same comfortable position throughout the night. Therefore, people sleeping on their side require more support than others.

7. Helps with Chronic Pain

People wanting to get rid of chronic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, should start using a pregnancy body pillow. They provide additional support and help release pressure evenly across the body, reducing pain and discomfort.

8. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Normally hugging a person can help you calm your nervous system, and these snuggly pillows do the same job. This is not only beneficial for pregnant women but also for anyone dealing with stress or anxiety. The comfort provided by the pillow creates a sense of security, promoting relaxation and improved sleep quality.

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reduces Anxiety and Stress

Hence, a pregnancy body pillow is not just for expecting moms. However, these can make a big difference in the quality of your sleep, especially for those who want a comfortable night’s sleep and wake up without any pain or aches the next morning.

Whether you're dealing with chronic pain or stress, getting an Eli & Elm pregnancy body pillow could be the solution and that’s the reason people end up loving these pillows, even if plans of having little ones are meanwhile on hold.


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