An adequate amount of sleep is very important for a healthy body & sound mind, and when it comes to pregnancy, sleep is often elusive. Due to certain hormonal changes, a pregnant woman's body grows and changes constantly.

Sleep disturbances like several trips to the bathroom and restless uncomfortable nights make it more challenging. In this scenario, the maternity pillow- often termed a Pregnancy Pillow helps a lot with the needs of a mother-to-be.

A pregnancy pillow is a type of cushion or pillow that is designed to fulfill the requirements of pregnant women and help them provide a comfortable sleep and much-needed support to their baby bump.

It is available in all different shapes, sizes, fabrics, fillings, and prices that cater to different needs and requirements of pregnant women.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

The word “comfort” varies with each individual's body requirement, and in the same way, one pillow cannot give the same comfort to different body types.

Apart from the comfortability, there are plenty of different pregnancy pillows to choose from and many factors to help people decide which one might be the best fit for them. On the popularity and demand, there are several types of pregnancy pillows, a few of them are as follows:

types of Pregnancy Pillows

Wedge Pillow

Due to their multi-functionality, these wedge pillows are most popular among the other maternity pillows. The wedge pillow can be used during pregnancy and after giving birth. After delivery, many mothers like to watch television, elevate their back or rest their legs, and do other activities using the wedge pillow. Because it is in the shape of wedge cheese and can come in both round and triangular shapes, mothers put the wedge under their bumps for more comfort.

Also, according to some sources, “It is considered the best pillow among other pregnancy pillows for back pain”.

C-Shaped or U-Shaped Pillow

C-shaped or U-shaped pillows provide complete body comfort during pregnancy, they curve around the body and support on both sides. It cradles the body by providing support under the stomach, between the legs, and both neck & back as well.

It is most preferred by pregnant women who enter the third trimester of their pregnancy.

Full-length or Side-sleeper Pillow

A full-length pillow is the standard pillow in full body length. It provides full comfort while sleeping by side during pregnancy. While sleeping, it supports the stomach and helps the back to stay aligned when you put pillows between your legs.

It is considered a side sleeping pillow at good length during pregnancy and can give more comfort if a good amount of fillings and soft fabric is used.


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Bean Pillow:

The Bean Pillow is a compact pillow used for support at specific body spots during pregnancy. The Pregnant person can use this pillow to get support at specific body spots likewise for back support, it can be placed on the office chair, and on car seats too. It can also be placed between the knees for extra comfort while sleeping at night.

Such pillows are usually cheaper, lightweight, and travel-friendly than the other solutions available in the market.

Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow

Inflatable pregnancy pillows are pillows with specific body comforts. It is popular not only for its full length, but they have the functionality to let pregnant women lay on their stomachs without putting pressure on their stomachs.

The inflatable pillow is designed with a hole in the pillow that helps pregnant women sleep on their stomachs without putting pressure on their unborn child.

Also, this pillow is inflatable, so it can be filled with air according to the individual body requirements, and that makes it more comfortable to carry and store.

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

The Pregnancy Pillows have many advantages for pregnant women by supporting their body which is changing gradually day by day. Some of the benefits of Pregnancy pillows are as follows:

Encourages Better Sleep

During pregnancy, the person has to face sleep interruptions & tiredness due to several trips to the bathroom throughout the night, and this lets them toss and turn in the night to find a comfortable sleeping position.

But, with the right pregnancy pillow, this wouldn’t be an issue. The body pillow provides additional support & comfort and helps to let her fall asleep in no time.

Such types of pillows also help keep the body aligned in a comfortable position while sleeping so that the body would not be aching the next day.

Relieves Discomfort:

During pregnancy, the body of the person goes through some very noticeable changes that include weight gain. On average, a woman feels a weight of two stones on her stomach throughout the pregnancy.

Such extra weight on her stomach gives her discomfort while sleeping, and every time she switches her sleeping position, she wakes up. A maternity pillow helps her in this situation by providing support to her back, knees, neck, hips, and pelvic area.

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Improves Blood Circulation

During pregnancy, blood circulation in the right way is required for both the growth of an unborn child and the mother.

Blood circulation is improved with the help of these pregnancy pillows as it supports the body areas like hips, and lower back to circulate the blood in the knees, ankles, and Pelvic area.

Allows Ample Elevation

Allows Ample Elevation

To prevent edema caused by water retention, these pregnancy pillows can be used under the feet for elevation while sleeping or sitting. Oedema is a build-up of fluid in the body which causes the affected tissue to become swollen at any particular part of the body.

Also, if the person has acid reflux (A digestive disease in which stomach acid or bile irritates the food pipe lining), these pillows can be used to prop up the torso to get immediate relief.

Limits Snoring Problem

Snoring can disrupt the partner’s sleep and trouble the person himself by waking him up, though he may not notice it.

A pregnancy pillow provides complete comfort and minimizes or eliminates such snoring problems.

How to Use Pregnancy Pillows:

Pregnancy pillows have various advantages and these all can be achieved by choosing the right pillow according to your body's requirements.

For Side-sleepers, C-shaped/U-shaped pregnancy pillows are the best ones. Place the pillow on your bed and sleep in a relaxing posture that gives you extra comfort.

For the rest of the best pillows, Place the pillow in a position that gives you the right body alignment for a comfortable sleep.

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The Bottom Line

relieves Discomfort

Pregnancy pillows are a great companion for every expecting mother. Therefore, we at Eli & Elm have got you our specially designed pregnancy body pillows that provide extreme support and comfort during pregnancy.

Our pillows aim to alleviate common pregnancy discomforts like back pain, improve sleep quality, and promote better positioning for both mom and baby.

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