Sleep is essential for one's overall health; yet, what many fail to realize is that ensuring a good night's sleep can be as simple as having the right pillow. Although often underestimated in its impact, the choice of pillow can significantly influence the quality of your morning energy levels throughout the day.

Be it memory foam, latex, or down feathers, all types of pillow has advantages and disadvantages. Everybody has varied demands when it comes to their preferred sleeping position, so not all pillows are made equal (be it a stomach, back, or side sleeper etc). It's up to you to figure out what best suits your needs and circumstances.

For people who favor back sleeping, a medium loft is enough to make up for a good neck support pillow, similarly, side sleepers frequently need a firmer pillow for proper spine and neck alignment. On the other hand, those who sleep on their stomachs tend to go for a softer and flatter pillow to not strain their necks. Let’s get into the different types of sleepers along with their best pillow for sleep.

Popular Pillows for Sleep

Here are some popular choices of the most comfortable pillows for sleep:

Type Pros Cons Best for
Memory Foam Contours to head and neck, providing personalized support and alignment May retain heat, potential for off-gassing odor Side sleepers and back sleepers who need extra support and pressure relief.
Down Soft and luxurious feel, easily moldable for customizable comfort Potential allergens, requires frequent fluffing Stomach sleepers and back sleepers who prefer a softer, more moldable pillow.
Latex Highly durable and resilient, maintains shape and support over time Heavier weight, initial chemical smell may be off-putting Side sleepers and back sleepers who prefer a firmer, more supportive pillow.
Buckwheat Conforms to head and neck, provides customizable support Noisy, distinct odor Side sleepers, back sleepers who prefer firmer support
Bamboo Breathable and moisture-wicking, ideal for hot sleepers May lack support compared to other materials Hot sleepers, individuals with allergies or sensitivities
Polyester Affordable and easy to care for Lacks durability and support, may flatten over time Budget-conscious shoppers, individuals seeking hypoallergenic options
Adjustable Customizable loft and firmness, versatile for different sleep positions Customizable loft and firmness, best pillow for all sleep positions Combination sleepers, individuals with specific comfort preferences

Types of Sleepers

Choose a sleeping pillow that has been designed to support your specific sleeping positions for adequate support and spine alignment, which gives more comfort and refreshes during the night.

1. Side Sleepers

Side sleepers must have enough support to fill the space difference that appears from the head to the shoulders in a bid to ensure that the neck and the spine are in the right place. At the top of the list is an ideal pillow which contours while providing support for the normal curvature of the neck.

Somewhat higher height or excess firmness of memory foam pillows, which does not allow them to excessively sink, provides the best support for people who prefer sleeping on their sides.

2. Back Sleepers

For people who sleep on their backs, focus on a pillow with preservation of natural curvature for one's neck and positioning of the head so that it is in-line with the rest of the spine for back-sleepers. Medium-firm pillows are ideally recommended if you sleep on your back. These will suffice in offering you enough support but aren't too firm.

Back sleepers may also find these adjustable-height pillows good, as the height of the pillow can be regulated to one's liking. The best is going to have that inner core support with a soft and comfortable outer layer to it.

3. Stomach Sleepers

A pillow that is too thick will only lead to a strained neck and lower back. Stomach sleepers will be most satisfied with thin firmness layers to avoid having a sore neck and straining problems and have the best spine alignment.

Use either ultra-soft memory foam pillows or use down pillows that can be compressed easily depending on how you feel about it. With the help of two pillows, one under your head and another one under the belly, it creates a way for the support to transfer up onto the hips, ensuring the avoidance of pain to the lower back.

4. Combination Sleepers

Mixed sleepers need a flexible pillow because their sleeping position is not static during the night. To them, memory foam pillows will only be most useful in that they can reposition the pillow according to the preferred sleeping position. The best sleep pillow for a combination sleeper would be an adjustable pillow, using fillable material such as latex sheets or microfiber.

This means you can increase the height and firmness of such a pillow to cater to different sleeping needs. Selecting a pillow designed for an individual sleep style will give you support and hence good alignment, providing the most comfortable and restful sleep.

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What Pillow do you need if you're a Side Sleeper?

For an avid side sleeper like many of us, it has always meant a lot to get that perfect pillow. But that all ends with the discovery of the sleeper pillow by Eli & Elm. At the first instance you lay your head on this pillow, it dawns on you that you have connected with none other than the greatest pillow in the world.

Basically, the cooling side sleeper pillow is to provide optimum neck support. Your neck will be properly aligned all night long; hence, it's a contour pillow. The worry of uncomfortable nights will no longer be a bother with the Eli & Elm Pillow. The unique curve design can give comfort at maximum, including that at the shoulder, so that you can sleep without pain.

What the customers highly appreciate is the amazing adjustability of this pillow: it has the ability to work with the height and firmness in a way that works perfectly for them. Furthermore, hypoallergenic materials with breathability will ensure a great sleeping atmosphere that is comfortable yet healthy.

Eli & Elm Cooling Side Sleeper Pillow

Best For Side And Back Sleepers

In the experts' comprehensive testing of pillows made from a variety of materials, our pillow emerged as the undisputed champion. Unlike other pillows that are composed of a single, solid piece of foam, our pillow is crafted from memory foam, allowing it to mold and adapt to the contours of your body, making it the best pillow to sleep on back.

Upon resting your head upon this pillow, it effortlessly compresses while still providing ample support to cradle your head and neck. Not only does it effectively prevent the buildup of moisture, but it also rapidly cools down. Furthermore, even after multiple washes, it remains resilient, free from any clumps, odors, or frayed edges.

You can wash your pillow multiple times and discover that it did not warp or acquire an odd odor despite withstanding the abrasion of running through your washer and dryer. It is comfortable in both positions, and it even worked for a while for people with knee replacement surgery when their only option for getting any sleep was to lie on your back.

An Adjustable Pillow

But the adjustable feature of this pillow is its best feature. The memory foam that fills it is included in an extra bag, so you may add or remove fill to customize the firmness to your preference (the brand offers suggested heights of pillows for side, back, and stomach sleepers). In my experience, determining the ideal filling level for me required a few weeks of sleeping on the pillow.

Some people require a somewhat loftier pillow to support their neck, so they can easily make the necessary adjustments to the foam filling. Simple steps included unzipping the inside lining, grabbing a handful of the foam stuffing, and packing it into the pillow.

Key Takeaways

  • It offers ideal neck support, preventing neck strain in the region for side sleepers.
  • Its build takes the pressure off your shoulders, reducing any discomfort you might have while sleeping.
  • Proper spine alignment makes one experience less of that likelihood of waking up with back pain.
  • The ergonomic shape of the pillow helps with even weight distribution, relieving pressure on the hips and knees.
  • It offers configurable comfort so you can set it in any way you like by making adjustments regarding height and firmness.
  • It is made up of breathable fabrics, which ensure temperature control that regulates the conditions to become more conducive to sleep.
  • Its hypoallergenic properties make it adequate for those allergic to pillow materials, thus promoting sound sleep. The design is versatile to cater to a side or back sleeper with regard for different preferences in sleeping.
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Best Pillow for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy leads to changes in a woman's body requiring support and comfort for better sleep. Let's explore how specific pillows are tailored to meet the needs of mothers:

Support for the Growing Belly

Many pregnant women have difficulty finding a comfortable sleep position because they’re dealing with an uncomfortable belly. A cushy pillow that holds the belly in the right spot can also take some pressure and pain off. U-shaped or C-shaped or L-shaped pregnancy pillows can wrap around most of your body, cradling the belly from every side.

Relief for Back Pain

In particular, many pregnant women experience back pain as their bellies grow and force the spine to support more weight. Pregnancy pillows with body firm support can help in reducing back pain during pregnancy by providing proper spinal alignment and supporting the areas that develop pressure points. The unique U-shaped or L-shaped pillows allow pregnant women to rest comfortably on their sides while providing sufficient support to the back and hips.

U-shaped or C-shaped Pregnancy Pillows

U-shaped or C-shaped pregnancy pillows are specially crafted to address the requirements of women. These pillows encircle the body offering support to the back hips, abdomen and legs all at once. Their ergonomic design enables women to find a sleeping position without the hassle of using multiple pillows or constant adjustments.

Adjustable Fill

Certain U-shaped or L-shaped pregnancy pillows come with filling or multiple support areas allowing expectant mothers to personalize the pillow based on their needs. This adaptability ensures that the pillow delivers support and comfort throughout every stage of pregnancy.

Versatility for Postpartum Use

Moreover U-shaped or full body pregnancy pillows aren't just useful, during pregnancy; they also have benefits postpartum. Following these pillows can offer assistance during breastfeeding or bottle feeding and aid in easing discomfort during recovery. The versatile design of these pillows ensures their usefulness extends well beyond pregnancy.

Pros Cons
Provides support for the growing belly Large size may take up significant bed space
Alleviates discomfort such as back pain Higher price compared to standard pillows
Improves sleep quality Some pillows may be difficult to clean or maintain
Versatile for different sleeping positions Adjustment period may be needed for some users
Can be used for postpartum support May restrict movement during sleep

How is Eli & Elm pregnancy pillow different?

Eli & Elm pregnancy pillow is a specially designed body pillow that offers unparalleled support and comfort to expecting mothers. It is crafted with high-quality materials and provides customizable support for your changing body during pregnancy.


Fabric 37% Cotton, 2% Spandex, and 61% Polyester
Fill 75% Memory Foam and 25% Polyester Fiber
Size 8lbs 56"
Items in the package (1) Pillow (1) bag of additional fill (1) pillowcase
Price $144.9 $107.99

Best Body Pillow for Pregnancy

Eli & Elm pregnancy pillow is definitely one of the best body pillows for pregnancy, due to the following reasons. First of all, it's designed by professionals who take all parameters of a pregnant woman knowing how to accommodate all physiological needs for pregnancy and pregnancy support. Moreover, the filling of with plush memory foam for a soft feel that retains it shape over time.

This human-like feel memory foam helps to mold your curves and give your shoulders and neck with the support you need and hold that position. It is a super breathable pillow that can relieve pain in neck and relieve pain in shoulders and back.

Furthermore, this pillow is designed as a long L-shape so that you can wrap your arms and legs around the pillow. The L-shape helps the joints and back feel better since many pregnant women suffer from back pains.

Best Pillow to Sleep on Back

For those of you who spend the night in a back-sleeping stupor like many, pregnancy changes things – drastically. As the baby adopts its final kicking-over-the-humans position, its weight makes sleeping on your back uncomfortable as your spine is strained and your major blood vessels are compressed.

But we can’t give up a habit so easily now can we? The curve of our pillow supports your whole body and keeps your back straight when sleeping, therefore helps you relieve back pressure and have a comfortable sleep. Additionally, the pillow’s soft, microfiber cover is gentle on the skin, ensuring you don’t wake up with any marks or indentations on your face.

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Best Pillow to Sleep on Side

Doctors have since recommended mothers-to-be to sleep on their sides to increase circulation and decrease the chance of stillbirth. However, laying on the side may result in hip and lower back pain as well. That’s where the Eli & Elm pregnancy pillow comes in handy.

Hugging the pillow and placing it between your legs will help keep everything aligned, which means less pressure on your lower back and reduced pain in your hips and spine. It also is benefitting for those people whose legs are prone to swelling with time. They can simply put the pillow under your knees and keep your legs elevated!


The "best" pillow is dependent upon personal preferences and sleeping patterns. Because they mold perfectly to the curve of the head and neck, memory foam pillows are well-liked for their superior support and pressure-relieving qualities.

For those seeking an eco-friendly, long-lasting, and supportive cushion, latex is also a wonderful alternative. They are mold and dust mite resistant and provide a special combination of comfort and support. The ideal pillow is ultimately the one that feels comfortable, fits your unique needs—such as additional neck support or hypoallergenic materials—and aligns your head and neck with your spine.