If you sleep on your side, you could frequently wake up with knee and leg pain. This is due to the pressure that sleeping on your side causes on different body parts, which may create pain and even health problems over time. However, a leg or knee pillow is an easy way to help reduce this issue.

In this blog post, we will focus on the specific advantages that a pillow for side sleepers, such as this one, may bring: improved general well-being and sleep quality. Knowing the pillow for side sleepers has become a great way to improve your health. It will help your sleeplessness and act as a natural therapy for bone problems.

What is a Knee Pillow?

Although most individuals place a pillow under their heads when sleeping, some also place it between their knees. In other words, having an additional under-knee pillow helps maintain proper posture, which in turn relieves tension in the body.

You may have learned that this is one of the conditions that are not good. That is the truth, but just to a degree. Typically, people simply put an everyday pillow between their knees. However, these types of pillows can worsen your suffering because of their largeness.

Leg Pillow vs. Knee Pillow

Aspect Leg Pillow Knee Pillow
Purpose Supports the entire length of the leg Supports the area between the knees when sleeping on the side
Alignment Helps maintain alignment of spine, hips, and knees It helps maintain the alignment of the hips and reduces pressure on the knees
Design Longer and broader to support the entire leg Smaller and narrower, it fits between the knees
Benefits Reduces strain on lower back and hips Reduces pressure on knees and promotes proper hip alignment
Common Usage Back pain, hip pain, sciatica Knee pain, hip pain, post-surgery recovery
Sleep Position Primarily for side sleepers Primarily for side sleepers

Sciatica, hip discomfort, and back pain are the major health issues people face that leg pillows can help with. Leg pillows make sleeping more comfortable for side sleepers because they keep their spines straight.

When lying on one side, knee pillows support the space between the knees, relieving strain on the knees and encouraging healthy hip alignment. It helps with knee discomfort, hip pain, and the healing process following surgery. Side sleepers also frequently use it.

What is the Purpose of Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers?

Did you know that sleeping on your side without using a knee pillow strains your hips, knees, and lower back? If you sleep on your side and wake up with discomfort in your knees, hips, or lower back, it's probably because you were sleeping in the wrong posture.

The essential reason side sleepers use a knee pillow is to create a fully aligned body, which is an excellent way to avoid straining the joints and muscles. This requires getting up from sitting to appreciate how our bodies are naturally constructed. In certain people, the hip bone often extends more than the waist.

In others, the hips are not as broad as the waist. The difference in prominence between the exterior of your hip and your waist creates natural curves or contours. These outlines remain visible when you rest on your side. Instead, your body's curves are susceptible to gravity's force on your spine, joints, and muscles.

This leads to tense muscles, strained joints, or a curved back. If the posture you took last night without support remains the same until morning, you will most likely experience discomfort in your back, knee, hip, or even a combination of these kinds of distress.

A representation of knee bone structure, circling the affected area

The Best Pillow for Side Sleeper with Knee Pain

A high-quality knee pillow for side sleepers must remove the aortic part of the leg so that only the pressure of the legs rests on the cushion. Remember that the angle from the hip to the ankle that descends indicates muscle stretching, so keep it like this for one month.

The knee pillow for side sleepers must function to enclose your hip, knee, and ankle in a straight line, avoiding hope inclinations while you sleep. Besides assisting in pain relief, the correct spine, neck, or hip position should be a great advantage.

A good pillow for sleeping on your side has the appropriate gap between your legs. Physical therapists discovered that the pillow was the best knee pillow for side sleeping after knee replacement surgery, and almost all of them strongly approved it. This article pertains to receiving full support for the leg, back, and hip bones with it. You can use a knee wedge pillow with a side sleeper wedge to support your spine while sleeping. A knee wedge pillow for side sleepers is what you need to sleep on your side and keep your hips and back in perfect alignment.

The main trick for side sleepers' good body posture is when the leg separates from the hip bone due to a lack of the side sleeper's wedge. A knee pillow is one of the primary and core components of the sleeping position for side sleepers. Ensure your knee pillow functions well to ensure a good night's sleep.

Health Benefits of Knee Pillow in Side Sleeping

  • Keeps spine aligned well in the side sleeping position
  • Take the pressure off of your lower back, hips, and knees.
  • It helps blood flow and numbness of the butt
  • It helps ease the pain in lower back, hip, and joint
  • Cushions the knees and legs.
  • Helps in healing and alignment for post-surgery cases
  • It opens your airway and, in turn, stops snoring.

Downsides of a Knee Pillow

Generally, no particular hazards are associated with using a knee pillow while sleeping. However, sleeping with a pillow between the knees can keep the knees flexed, which can impede recovery and mobility, particularly for those who have just undergone knee surgery.

To achieve a peaceful, healthy sleep, other possible solutions should be looked for by the physician’s advice. Some people conclude that a knee pillow might move out of its place or make it roll over and that using it for an extended period can lead to addiction.

A person lying with multiple pillows stacked between legs assorted with a strap

How to use a Side Sleeper Knee Pillow?

To spice up your position while sleeping and have a more comfortable experience during sleep, you should use a knee pillow designed for side sleepers. Sleeping with a knee pillow for side sleepers is simple and effective. Here are steps on how to do it:

1. Pick the Right pillow

Leg pillows are an excellent alternative for side sleepers because of the variety of available pillows. Usually, leg pillows are produced from memory foam, gel, or materials like cotton. Accordingly, when people choose a pillow following their comfort preferences, they should select the correct leg pillows.

One of the main factors in determining how comfortable you are is whether the pillow is soft enough so that you don't feel the pressure on your legs all night. Choosing a pillow composed of soft materials of good quality is the primary means of having a comfortable and good night's rest.

2. Adjust the pillow

When lying on your side, put the pillow between your knees. Ensure it is parallel to your knees but not your hips (in line with your knees). To relieve tension in the lower back area, position a pillow beneath your upper leg when sleeping on your side. This will help support your spine’s natural curve and the hips, knees, and torso alignment during sleep.

3. Modify the height

For ideal positioning, one should consider their hip width when picking their pillow's height. If one's hips are more expansive, one may need a thicker pillow to stay appropriately aligned. Experiment with various heights until one finds the best one for one.

4. Body pillow is Better

If sleeping and hugging something comforts you, consider using a body pillow instead of a knee pillow. This way, your knees and hips will have extra support, and your upper body will be kept cozy by having something to hold on to.

5. Replace your Pillow

The spinal column, thigh bone, and pelvis are all related to a side sleeper knee pillow for hip pain. This is because it lessens tension and offers comfort and a better sleeping position for side sleepers, particularly those with osteoarthritis or scoliosis in this area. If you are a side sleeper and your legs are not adequately supported during sleep, this can cause back pain. Thus, replacing your pillow every 6-12 months is necessary.

How to Sleep with a Pillow Between Your Knees?

Here’s how to properly sleep with a pillow between your knees:

  1. Start by lying down on your side in a comfortable position.
  2. Take a pillow, place it between your knees, and slightly bend it.
  3. With the pillow, experience yourself in the most natural and supportive way. “Four the lace tween your keas with the pop leag, but dot dit it to fey s cash,” she adds.
  4. Ensure hip stacking to rocks python through the right spinal sections is maintained.
  5. It's your decision whether to lie down. Keep calm and gradually fall asleep. The pillow between your knees will ensure that your spine remains straight and relieve the pressure on your lower back, hips, and knees throughout the night.


A knee pillow is a good idea if you lie on your side and have trouble sleeping. Enabling this to happen it is effective in keeping your legs apart, as it easily fits between your knees. This, while plain and basic, is a concept that helps ease the aches and pains, which is why you can not sleep.

A knee pillow can improve blood flow, relieve neck pain, and promote proper spinal alignment. It also promotes good health and peace, revitalizing sleep and healing.

The Eli & Elm cooling side sleeper pillow meets all the conditions. It rests the knees and evenly distributes force over the thighs. Minimizing compression results in pain from the hips to the lower back and legs.

Our pillow helps you maintain proper body alignment by keeping your lower legs parallel to your spine. It also eases tightness and tension in the muscles by increasing blood circulation.