Sleeping on your side might have various health benefits but finding the perfect side sleeper pillow can be challenging. If you are a side sleeper you can very well relate to it. Sometimes it is not about having a comfortable mattress or bed to sleep but your pillow also plays an important role too— It keeps your body in line, supports your head, and helps you provide some quality sleep. Therefore, finding the right pillow is crucial, especially if you prefer sleeping on your side. But the question is, how do you know which one to pick?

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Well, it is very important to start with the correct shape and size of the pillow. As side sleepers, thicker pillows work the best. It fills in the gap between your shoulder and head. Memory foam or down pillows are great for that matter.

Firmness is next what matters the most. The ideal pillow is the one that is soft enough to hold your head rather than making your neck feel strained.

A perfect side sleeper pillow keeps your spine, shoulder, and hips aligned to ease pressure while you sleep. Following a few simple tips while picking your pillow can make a big difference, leaving you all ready for the next day!

Significance of Side Sleeping

You've likely heard that sleeping on your side is the second most preferred sleeping position after sleeping on your back. It is also recommended as the healthiest way to catch a nap. It not only helps with snoring, and heartburn but is equally beneficial for pregnant women.

But here's what you should actually pay attention to. Using the wrong pillow can leave you with a stiff neck and create extreme pressure on your shoulders and hips. The only solution to this is to find the one made especially for side sleepers. Your health will thank you later for choosing the right one.

But remember, there's always another side to a coin. Along with the benefits come certain drawbacks that you should consider as side sleepers. Sometimes wrong pillows for side sleeping can lead to several problems like neck and shoulder pain, hip strain, or even jaw distress.


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The Top 09 Factors to Consider When Looking for the One

1. Shape, Size, and Dimension

Look for pillows that have curves or slopes that help provide extra support to your neck. These curve creates a bridge between your head and the mattress keeping your spine in line and alleviating pressure on your hips and shoulders.

It is important to get a larger pillow to fill the space between your mattress and your head. Whereas using the wrong size pillow can severely affect the alignment of your neck and shoulder. Generally, it is recommended to buy pillows measuring 24-28 inches in length and 12-14 inches in width.

Also, getting a little ticker one, approximately from 3 to 6 inches has a proper grip to hold your head avoiding an uncomfortable neck angle. Getting the right balance of thickness is important for maintaining proper spine alignment.

Shape, Size, and Dimension

2. Proper Balance of Soft and Firm

Getting the balance right is very important when it comes to your pillows. Super soft pillows can cause neck and shoulder strain whereas as too firm may feel like sleeping on a rock bed. Both can simultaneously affect your body's alignment.

3. Material

The material used in a pillow is as important as any other factor. Where memory foam provides super comfort to your head and neck similarly latex and down are soft to use but lack the support required. However, feathers can be a good option for a perfect side sleeper pillow but it needs frequent fluffing.

4. Properties

Side sleeper pillows work best with cooling gels or airflow designs that prevent heat retention. Such pillows can help you keep dry and comfortable without the actual need to flip them over again and again for cooler spots.

If you are sensitive to allergens, opting for cooling pillows with hypoallergenic materials might be a good idea. Pillow coversN that are tightly wowed can reduce allergen formulations. If you are also among the ones facing neck and shoulder pain consider getting an ergonomic or memory foam pillow for relief. These pillows release pressure and promote proper spinal alignment.

5. Fabric

The fabric of your pillow is extremely important as pillows made of high-quality materials like satin, silk, and cotton have moisture-absorbing properties that further regulate the temperatures and are soft and comforting. Similarly, hypoallergenic materials like bamboo are suitable for people prone to dust allergies.

6. Certifications

Certifications like CertiPur-US, OEKO-TEX, or Global Organic Textile Standard matter greatly. A certified pillow is like a guarantee of its safety and quality. Remember to verify if the certification i legitimate or not.

7. Knowing the Company Policies

Having an idea about the company's return, cancellation, and warranty policies before buying a pillow can work in your favor. For instance, If you’ve been using a pillow for a few days and realize it is not suiting your requirements then you can always take advantage of the company policies.

8. Warranty / Guarantee

Always check for either warranty or guarantee when buying a pillow. A good side sleeper pillow often comes with a guarantee period of 30 to 45 days, allowing you to check whether it suits your requirements perfectly.

9. Brand Popularity

Try to get pillows from known or professionally recommended brands Like Eli & Elm. Such brands cater to all your needs for a perfect quality pillow.

Found Your Ideal Match? Follow These Simple Tips to Make Your Pillow Long-Lasting

  • Use detachable pillow covers to protect your pillow from dirt and allergens.
  • Rotate or flip your pillows regularly to maintain their shape.
  • Wash your pillow weekly or at least twice a week as per the instructions provided.
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The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Now when you know the importance of finding the perfect pillow for maintaining good health and sleep quality, you can easily find the best one for yourself by following these top 09 factors.

Eli & Elm understand the importance of a perfect pillow and its direct connection with the best night's sleep. Therefore we have got you the best pillow options to fulfill all your sleeping requirements.

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